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Port Blair Packages


Coral Island (North Bay)

Coral Island is located in Port Blair. The beach around Coral Island is well known for water corals. The island with pristine sand beaches, edged by natural beauty is perfect for sea loving human and nature lovers. The coral reefs are beautifully adored by nature drawing many visitors. The island is accessible from Port Blair via ferry. Ferry can be taken from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex jetty and it will take around 15 to 20 mins to reach the island. Besides, one can also enjoy snorkelling and experience the underwater world.


Coral Island, Port Blair

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu is also referred as "sunset point" and "Bird Island". Being positioned 25kms from Port Blair in the southern vertex of South Andaman, it is an ace in the list of sunset sights. Basically, it is a small village, coupled with the serene islands, opulent green mangroves, and different forests with several chirruping birds. Plus, white spotted deer, classy collection of birds, and orchid make it an ideal and enticing picnic spot for nature lovers. No doubt, it is a heaven where 46 types of birds are there, such as- hanging parrot, emerald dove, red-breasted parakeets, drongos, long-tailed white-bellied sea eagles, scarlet minivet, and imperial green grey-fronted pigeons.
Chidiya Tapu is renowned for the green landscape, an array of corals, true-to-life butterflies, enchanting beaches, and the most beautiful speechless view of setting-sun in the horizon. Apart from it, its primary attractions are- Chidiya Tapu beach, Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, the Munda Pahar beaches, and Sylvan Sands. If you want to disappear in its inner beauty, then there is a forest guest house on the hillock, bestowing a panoramic sight of the village, aligning up with the islands. In these regions, the sparkling corals keep the water alive and a perfect option for snorkeling. Fortuitously, this island also represents itself as an industrial sphere. As a fact, it has a diversity of seashells that make "shell craft" a major industry of this island. Ending up with a multitude of shell products, which include table lamps, bangles, ashtrays, showpieces, and decorative boxes, this island is preeminent to hold an indispensable position in Port Blair packages.


Chidiya Tapu, Port Blair


Port Blair Packages


Anthropological Museum

Anthropological Museum is maintained and managed by ASI, Anthropological Survey of India, and is located at Port Blair, the capital of Andaman. It is an exquisite small museum showcasing wide collection of tools and weapons used by Anadamanese tribes. This also encloses many photographs of different tribes and aborigines of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A great treasure of Island history, a well maintained library, functions on the top of the museum. Many films depicting the life and culture of the Andaman are also preserved here. The Museum authorities arrange few documentary and film shows for the visitors of the museum.




Anthropological Museum, Port Blair

Ross Island

Ross Island is accessible via boat services that ply between Port Blair and Phoenix Jetty on Ross Island. The island is wholly controlled by the Indian Navy, and all tourists are required to sign in and out. What makes Ross Island the center of attention for historians is that fact that the British Colonial government decided, in 1857, following the first Indian revolt for independence, to setup a hardcopy punishment administration facility to deal with high profile Indian Freedom Fighters. This carried on for close to 80 years! Back then, the island had a hospital, bakery, a market place, tennis courts, living quarters and every other amenity one could think of. All of these today lie in ruins since the island was momentarily at war when the Japanese invaded during World War 2. Ross Island adjoins a twin island called Smith Island also worth visiting.



Ross Island, Port Blair


Ross Island served as the capital to the Britishers from 1858 to 1941 when the Japanese occupied it and converted it to a ‘POW site’. The Ross Island is controlled by the Indian navy, which requires every visitor to sign in on entering. It was during the British rule that the island was developed to a perfect township. Many reminiscent of old British regime are still alive in this stunning Island. The island presently houses the ruins of old buildings like Ballroom, Chief Commissioner’s House, Govt. House, Church, Hospital, Bakery, Press, Swimming Pool, Troop Barracks, the Cathedral and graveyard of the Britishers and few other important landmarks which today is hugged by wild wines and huge roots and trunks of century old trees which are very evocative of the ruins and remains. Ever since Dr. James Pattison Walker arrived in Port Blair aboard the East India Company’s steam frigate ‘Senuramis’ on 10 March 1858, this island remained under British occupation till 1942. From 1942 to 1945, the island was under the occupation of Japanese. However, the allies reoccupied the island in 1945 and later abandoned it. During British occupation, this island was the seat of power of the British.


The Ross Island Prison Headquarters, 1872

Government Saw Mill Chatham

The Chatham Saw Mill is one of the largest saw mills in Asia. It is Separate Island connected with Port Blair by road on bridge. This mill has two biggest cranes called EOT cranes which are used for both stacking and feeding. Wood workshop of this mill is worth visiting. This saw mill functions as a store-house o timber like Padauk, Gurjan, Marble, Satine wood etc.



Government Saw Mill Chatham

Sagarika Government Emporium

Sagarika Government Emporium, is located at City Centre, MG Road, Port Blair. Walking into this emporium is like stepping into a dreamland of handicrafts. Stroll through this huge emporium looking at curious Coconut Lamp shades, Wooden Trays, Quaint Wooden Carvings and breathtaking Sea Shell Murals. Peep into the Nicobari section and you will be stunned by the tribal artefacts you see, ranging from Bamboo Items to Sea Shell Jewellery. The place is going to make you want to shop till you drop, so do make space for all of it in your luggage!



Sippighat Farm

Sippighat Farm is located on the way to Wandoor, about 15 km away from Port Blair city. Covering a vast area of around 80 acres, the farm is responsible for conducting research and development programs on different types of species such as coconut, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg. A wide variety of new plants are also being experimented here. Besides, the farm is also a flourishing ground for coconuts and has a variety of local and wild flowers. Reachable by roadway, it is a worth seeing spot in Port Blair.




Corbyn’s Cove

Corbyns cove beach is situated 7 kms from Port Blair. This coconut- palm fringed beach, is ideal for swimming, surfing and sun- basking. This is the only beach within the city a very short distance, one can enjoy the distant ross island, cool sea breeze and kaleidoscopic view of blue waters. The complex has restaurant and bar. Indian travel agent gives special discounted hotel from budget hotels to Deluxe hotels in India. Corbyn’s Cove is a serene and unspoiled soft sandy beach in Andaman near to Port Blair.


Corbyn’s Cove, Port Blair

Collinpur Beach

Collinpur beach in Andaman Islands is blessed with cobalt waters and sun kissed beaches. This beach is splashed with smooth sands and thick vegetation cover of various hues of green. Dazzling clouds keep hovering over the azure waters of the beach. While reaching to this exotic beach, you will find chunky veil of palm groves. The account below splashes a good deal of information on this beautiful beach. The beach is popular as Sunset Bay. With a beautiful sandy beach with shallow water, the area is suitable for swimming, sun basking and viewing sunset. This beach attracts tourists who take pleasure in retreat and natural environs. This beach is without a doubt, just the right place for a delightful sunset.



Andaman Water Sports Complex

Andaman Water Sports Complex, Port BlairThe Andaman Water Sports Complex, also known as the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, is located close to the Cellular Jail in the north-west part of Port Blair. The sports complex offers a range of water sports facilities and adventures. Activities like sail boating, parasailing, paddle boating, water scooters, rowing, water skiing, etc. are possible in the water sports complex. Besides the water activities for all age groups, the monument commemorating the Battle of Aberdeen can be seen within the complex structures. The artificial waterfall in the region is also another attraction. There is a children’s park nearby. These features of the Andaman Water Sports Complex and the easy communication have made the place popular. Many tourists staying over for a few days come to the place for training in different water sports activities.

Andaman Water Sports Complex, Port Blair